It's OK To Quit Your PhD

We've provided some guidance below, but please contact studentservices@ if you are considering withdrawing so that we can provide one-to-one advice and support. Just don't be like your friends and assume a college degree = insta-career. It's always a very personal decision as to whether you're going to stay on with university education. I don't know what I want to do in this life, but I wanna figure it out my own way and it's hard when people keep judging you.

Please don't forget you can visit the Student Advice Service for information, advice and support so that you can make an informed decision and a smooth transition into life after university. To cut a long story short, after about a month of studying, I had a feeling that my life was heading down the wrong road.

Others quit school and take a job that is more or less limiting to their financial future. That means you're in pretty good company among people who decided that life was too short to wait for a satisfying career, to move out of poverty, to save their mental health, or to just figure out that the academic life was not meant for them.

Recently, an article circulated that urged PhD seekers to view their degrees as a six-year, time-limited job , after which they should expect to move on to something else. About 40 students had enrolled in the two courses of History and Buddhist Studies in 2016.

I did go on and get the advance degrees but it cost us thousands and the rewards are minimal, but my experiences on my resume were every school's dream. This is a problem with young people today I think - we all believe that we have to achieve greatness and get amazing jobs and make loads of money and contribute to the world.

If you skirted through high school with little or no studying, you’ll be in for a rude awakening once you get to college. Sally Olohan, head of student support services at Nottingham Trent University, acknowledges that the first semester can be difficult for students.

As a rule, final year students are already holistic intelligent individuals who know exactly what they want from life. To these same people, I appeared to be making a monumentally poor decision when I quit Sears and took a lower paying entry level job in my field.

I know my students learn from me and that they're better people because of my courses. There, I made connections with brilliant academics, won prestigious fellowships and grants, and, at the age of 29, just five years after starting graduate school, I landed a tenure-track job.

Not being arrogant here, but I took a gap year, so I'm a year older than pretty much everyone and I feel that I am more confident in myself and mature than some of the people I'm surrounded by. In a sense, I just didn't click with anyone in my immediate accommodation (which is quite small) as it felt very herd-like and cliquey.

Universities have been increasing enrolments to bolster revenue but some haven't selected students with enough care and provided them with enough support to ensure they succeed. There are a number of students who go to school and work full time. Jane Phelps, Director of Admissions at New College of the Humanities, believes that students drop out because they aren't fully aware of what they're paying for and whether their chosen university can fulfil their requirements.

Independent Academic Advice can be sought through the Students' Union Advice Centre. You will also likely need your loved ones support, both emotionally and financially, at certain times during your startup experience, so having their backing is important. I'm all for people going to further education etc University in 1 minute if they have a route they want to take and career path but if you don't have that focus then travel may offer you one and you'll definitely gain so much life experience along the way.

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